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  • Tea cup infuseur "Meow"

    Tea cup infuseur "Meow"

    The cat is waiting for the fish to come out of the water ... Perfect for a cup or mug.

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  • Tea tongs

    Tea tongs

    The tea ball clamp opens and closes naturally ensuring a good grip. Just fill it directly into the bag, dip it in a cup or mug and empty it at the end of the infusion in a single movement. The fine lattice of the tea ball prevents the leaf or rooibos residues from passing. A generous volume and enough for the tea leaves to gorge themselves with water and release their aromas.

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  • Permanent tea filter

    Permanent tea filter

    The simple and easies way to make yourself a cup of tea in a mug ! Can also be used in a tea pot. Wear-free, it will last for ever ! Stainless steel used for the permanent tea infuser allows no taste or flavor alterations. Easy to use : Place permanent filter in your mug, add your habitual loose tea quantity. Pour hot water, place cover on top of the permanent tea filter and let it infuse.

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  • Tea infuseur tube

    Tea infuseur tube

    Enjoy your ritual by preserving all the aromas of your favorite tea. Choose according to your affinities ... teas!

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  • Milk frother Aerolatte

    Milk frother Aerolatte

    Do you want to enjoy great frothy milk on the go – who doesn’t? That’s why each of our aerolatte® original steam free milk frothers comes with its own storage tube.

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  • Refrigerator pitcher "Teo" 1L

    Refrigerator pitcher "Teo" 1L

    Excellent for storing tea, juice, water, milk etc. in refrigerator door and for serving them. The pitcher is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

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  • Tea strainer

    Tea strainer

    Guest the best flavors from your favorite teas !

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  • Egg tea ball

    Egg tea ball

    Classic, this egg-shaped tea ball is to fill according to your choice, for a cup or a teapot. It ensures a good development of the tea during the infusion and its small perforations prevents that the residues of leaves or rooibos do not pass. Equipped with a chain, it hangs very easily on a cup or a teapot.

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  • Tea filter "t-sac"

    Tea filter "t-sac"

    In unbleached hemp fiber and chlorine free they exist in 3 sizes: - Size 1, for a cup or a bowl, - Size 2, for a teapot of 0.50 to 0.80 L and - Size 3, for a teapot of 1 L to 1.5 L. These filters are easy to fill and can be used without support. Each filter can be placed directly in the cup or mug or in a teapot.

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  • Regency Natural Tea bags TM

    Regency Natural Tea bags TM

    Natural Tea bags. 4 pieces. 100% cotton. Ecological and non chlorine bleached.

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  • Tea caddy spoon

    Tea caddy spoon

    Prepare your tea easily with this measuring spoon. Small, stainless steel, this spoon is a practical and indispensable utensil for measuring out your tea. Preparation tips for a 20cl cup: Green tea: 1 spoon - Black tea: 1 spoon - Dark tea: 1/2 spoon - White tea: 2 spoons - Oolong : 1 spoon - Rooibos : 1 spoon.

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  • Honey spoon - beechwood

    Honey spoon - beechwood

    Turn the spoon to prevent the honey from falling out!

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