• Aerolatte

    France exclusivity

    Created with a passion for great coffee and frothy milk drinks, the aerolatte “the original steam free milk frother” is a huge success. In essence, aerolatte truly changed the way we enjoy cappuccino, caffé latte, milkshakes and hot chocolates at home. With the success of aerolatte, Alan and Gary have further improved the world of home coffee – introducing innovative takes on French presses, espresso pots, the aerolatte frother and coffee accessories to the market.

  • BeeWrap

    Made in France: manufactured 90km from Paris, 75% of the components are French. GOTS certified organic cotton, certified organic French sunflower oil, French beeswax or certified organic beeswax and certified organic Landes pine resin.

  • BlenderBall®

    For years, chefs have trusted BlenderBall®: Patented stainless steel ball for quick mixing of ingredients. Find the BlenderBall® through a range of pancake and pancakes shakers, omelettes and vinaigrettes. Made from only the highest quality materials, BlenderBottle® brand mixing cups are - and have always been - BPA and phthalate free. BlenderBall® shakers provide a unique blend, even for the thickest ingredients, one-handed ease of use, and printed markings for easy ingredient measurement.

  • Bosign

    France exclusivity

    Product development at Bosign is based on our passion for design and an ongoing commitment to meeting the challenges of contemporary living with fresh, forward-thinking solutions. Our aim is to go beyond expectations, improving the daily lives of our customers by providing unrivalled quality of design with superior functionality in simple, value-added products.

  • Brix Design

    Brix Design is a family-owned company, run by the Brix-Hansen brothers. Their core competence is the ability to market products that are innovative in nature and which are differentiated from the competition.

  • Dexam

    France exclusivity

    Dexam International Ltd is a UK based company which passion for that started nearly 60 years ago with a small portable barbecue. Throughout the years, this family cowned company has stick to their basics. Their principles have remained the same: innovation, reliability. All the time they will be looking for great value products that make cooking better, easier or more fun.

  • Drosselmeyer

    France exclusivity

    Drosselmeyer is a Swedish Design company focusing on simplicity, functionality and sustainability. Our mission is to improve everyday products. The name Drosselmeyer originates from our first product the nutcracker. Drosselmeyer is a character in the Nutcracker Opera. All Drosselmeyer products come with the promise that they will work, they will simplify and they will last.

  • Eddingtons

    France exclusivity

    Founded in 2000, Eddingtons Ltd is a UK based company. However this was always done with the objective of sourcing items that our customers referred to as “Eddingtons type products”… innovative, differentiated, fun but never frivolous, and forming part of an eclectic mix of categories and ranges.

  • Fabrikators

    France exclusivity

    Are you looking for new and innovative kitchen utensils ? Check out Fabrikators. Danish design and ingenuity combined in new and trendsetting products.

  • Kiboni

    France exclusivity

    Kiboni GmbH manufactures a wide range of handy household products, featuring trendy designs. The majority of the products are manufactured in Germany. “Design for everyone, every day.” is their vision. With this objective, and the collaboration of top designers, Kiboni re-define everyday items and transform them into elegant, affordable and long-lasting companions for daily life.

  • moHA

    The swiss company Moha Moderne Haushaltwaren AG is specialized in the development of innovative and quality kitchen accessories. Innovation, the heart of moHA!’s philosophy, cannot be dissociated from the quality of the offered products. No compromise is made on the choice of material nor the solidity of the products. A warranty of 5 years is granted on all our products.

  • Mr.ECO®

    Prendre soin de la maison en respectant l’environnement ! C’est de la volonté d’allier le Naturel à l’innovation qu’est né Mr.ECO®. Les 4 engagements de Mr.ECO® pour un monde plus propre : • Non au plastique • Matériaux recyclables et biodégradables pour limiter les déchets ! • Ingrédients naturels : loofah, bambou, cellulose, sisal... une petite contribution pour aider la planète • Emballage éco-durable, fabriqué avec du papier certifié FSC®, issu de forêts gérées de manière responsable

  • MSC Joie

    France exclusivity

    Over 65 years in business, MSC is still committed to developping innovative housewares designs of the highest value and quality. While the Joie products are easily recognizable by their unique design and flair, our focus is on function and value. Every Joie product works well, is easy to use and is offered at prices that are affordable to the consumer. At MSC, our motto is : "If it's not a joy  to use, it's not a Joie product!"

  • No Stik

    ICB is the innovative belgium producer and distributor of Nostik® cooking and household products, a brand that offers a guarantee of quality and innovation. Nostik® represents a wide range of non-stick products, such as reusable baking and protective sheets, all bearing the Teflon® quality label.

  • Oliver Hemming

    France exclusivity

    Since Oliver Hemming early days, an award winning British designer and silversmith, he has always been passionate about detail and quality and affordability. Spice Boy represents an entirely new approach to spice grinding, replacing the pestle and mortar with a practical and elegant mess free solution.

  • Orthex

    The Orthex group today has three factories located in Sweden and Finland. The products are designed with the philosophy of making everyday life easier and keeping in mind that “Practical is beautiful”. The group has thus received the prestigious international design award Red Dot for the characteristic Nordic product design.

  • Pavonidea

    France exclusivity

    Over 3 decades of innovation and experience in the bakery, pastry and ice cream professional market, the italian company PAVONI ITALIA® faces, at the end of the 90s, a new challenge with the creation of a new line of silicone moulds and accessories branded PAVONIDEA®. The thoroughly tested, highperformance professional utensil becomes beautiful too, able to tell a story and take its place in the kitchens of every kind of user.

  • Poachies

    France exclusivity

    This Housewares Awards London 2012 winning invention has brought this UK company in the spotlight. Even trained chefs can find it difficult to poach eggs properly, but these Poachies bags make it incredibly easy. You simply break an egg into one, lower it into boiling water, and after six minutes you end up withthe perfect mozarella-shaped egg.

  • Regency Naturals

    France exclusivity

    Regency Wraps manufactures cooking accessories to Professional Chefs and to the Chef at Home. In 1985, the founders of Regency Wraps made a huge departure from manufacturing complex fashion fabrics to manufacturing single-use products for the Foodservice Industry. Starting with covers for lemons to keep seeds out of food and beverage, called Regency Lemon Wraps™, we have continued to grow for over 30 years. We successfully marketed Lemon Wraps to the top chefs the world over and expanded our line to include Cheesecloth, Cooking Twine, Steamer Bags, Pastry Bags and Stem Wraps®.

  • Rice Cube

    France exclusivity

    Australian Designed. Found worldwide. Rice Cube has been invented by Ross Patten by accident and now it's the world's easiest and fastest way to make sushi ! The candidate of the TV cooking show in Australia called Masterchef has not stopped himself from rethink the way we prep food : Rice Ball, Dumpling Cube.

  • Rivsalt

    At a restaurant in Beijing RIVSALT product range is designed by Swedish entrepreneur and designer Jens Sandringer. Jens came up with the concept while dining at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Beijing, where the master chef grated salt over the dishes using a large grater and big salt rock. A unique experience which sparked the initial product idea complementing the rise of Scandinavian foodie and design trends. The original RIVSALT product was launched in Sweden 2013. INSPIRATION The inspiration came from a 3 month "working long stay" in Beijing 2008. My favorite teppanyaki restaurant was grating rock salt over our food using a large Japanese ginger grater. I thought it was a cool experience and wanted to buy a product to have on my dining table. The product did not exist, so I casually started to design it and the rest is history. DESIGN Born from a large number of prototypes, first in cardboard then in wood and metal. Initial design thoughts were all about creating a dining table centrepiece. Consequently, size and product simplicity were the two most important elements in the process. Beautiful, so that it would stay on the dining table as a design object, simple enough so that folks immediately would understand, talk about it and finally enjoy testing the gastronomic experience. EXPERIENCE RIVSALT is all about design, communication, and experience. To grate your own salt adds to the dining experience and the beautiful design adds to the dining table set up. This makes the product a great communication piece and the dining experience more fun. Salt is added to the dish in the process, and the different types of rock salt go with different dishes, which makes it a really interesting product for foodies.

  • Spice Boy

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  • Supreminox

    Specialized in the manufacture of stainless steel kitchen utensils, SUPREMINOX offers innovative and trendy items.

  • Tala

    France exclusivity

    Founded over 35 years ago; George East is one of the foremost non-food suppliers to major retailers. Tala, ChefAid... are among other their main brands. Each Item is beautifully made to be both practical and decorative for every kitchen at the heart of the home.

  • Tescoma

    France exclusivity

    The range of Tescoma brand products, a Czech international company which started in the 90's, includes over 2,000 items. You can rely on the following characteristics with each of the products: Original, excellent, multi-purpose, multifunctional and optimal. Developers, designers, technicians and quality inspectors check perfect functionality of their products, but also that they will decorate the kitchen and give pleasure.

  • Vin Bouquet

    Vin Bouquet is a young and dynamic Spanish company, created in the year 2008. Their first product, the Electric Corkscrew, got the attention of thousand of expectant consumers seeking for innovation, blowing some fresh air in the traditional market of the wine accessories. That was the beginning and launched us to more than 400 products in our range nowadays, all of them related to the wine, beer, cocktail and cider.

  • Westmark

    Welcome to Westmark! Your manufacturer of kitchen gadgets and household goods.Cooking, baking and enjoyment are fun. We are delighted to be able to offer you products …