Seafood Preparation Tools


  • Shellfish cracker "CARETTA"

    Shellfish cracker "CARETTA"

    The challenge was to create a shellfish cracker that could crack the hardest shell with the least effort and never sprayed juices. Erik von Schoultz, the inventor, tried all kinds of approaches but the perfect solution turned out to be a double lever movement that gave the squeeze super strength. Eventually he invented the Drosselmeyer Shellfish Cracker, beautiful, clean and efficient. Works on stone crab and other hard shellfish Minimal exertion or damage to flesh inside Sturdy design dismantles into three pieces for thorough cleaning Wide upper jaw ensures spray is directed away from user Made of durable 18/10 stainless steel in Germany

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  • Reversible lobster & seafood cracker

    Reversible lobster & seafood cracker

    This reversible cracker is ideal for both nuts and seafood and is adjsutable to suits most sizes including small nuts. Constructed from die casted alloy with a durable silver coating this cracker is both durable and compact for easy storage.

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  • Compressed wet wipe towel

    Compressed wet wipe towel

    Simply add water, unravel and use ! These vicose wipes are a 100% natural and biodegradable product. Throw them in your compost bin with your vegie scraps ! Hypoallergenic, ultra soft, it is suitable for all types of skin.

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  • Periwinkle pics

    Periwinkle pics

    The easiest way to eat perinwinkle ! Ideal for sharing w seafood platter with family and friends ! Made in France.

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  • Seafood forks

    Seafood forks

    Seafood forks are a great table setting addition when serving crab or lobster as they allow diners to pick and scoop the hard-to-reach meat out of the shells. Highly efficient, one end of the seafood fork is a slim, double-pronged fork, and the other is a curved scraper – perfect for getting the white meat out of the crab ‘basket’ which is often otherwise wasted.

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  • Scissors for shrimps "Presto Seafood"

    Scissors for shrimps "Presto Seafood"

    Excellent for easily opening the shells of small and large shrimps, tiger shrimps, prawn... With a special serrated blade, the scissors do not slip on the smooth shell. Made of high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic.

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  • Oyster opener "CLIC'Huîtres

    Oyster opener "CLIC'Huîtres

    CLIC'Huîtres make opening fresh oysters easy. Made with food safe rubber, CLIC'Huîtres allows you to save oysters water. Stainless steel blade oyster opener. CLIC'Huîtres was conceived and realized to open oysters easily and avoid mess and trouble. Over 3 decades, it is still used and recommended by aquaculturists to their oyster fans. Made in France.

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  • Mussel tongs

    Mussel tongs

    The practical tong to serve your mussels ! Don't get your hands dirty anymore. Made in France.

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  • Lemon juice extractor

    Lemon juice extractor

    Use this specially designed item to extract the maximum amount of juice from any citrus fruit. Excellent for flavoring foods and drinks, deodorizing, and sanitizing.

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  • Fishbone tongs

    Fishbone tongs

    For a whole fishbones removal, try this fishbone tongs. Its promise ? To remove every little fishbone that may prick your palate.

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  • Sea urchin cutter

    Sea urchin cutter

    Simple and efficient ! In 18/10 stainless steel, very robust this sea urchin cutter acts like a pair of scissors. It allows lovers of sea urchins not to hurt themselves, or to crush this fragile little crustacean. Position the sea urchin in the center of the pincer and put pressure on the two branches and enjoy!

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  • Seafood tray aluminium Ø 41,5 cm

    Seafood tray aluminium Ø 41,5 cm

    Large aluminium seafood tray, ideal for seafood and shellfish: oysters, shrimp, prawns, shellfish, crabs, lobsters, lobsters ... or any other seafood.

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