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  • Canapé maker

    Canapé maker

    It makes canapé the easy way, snacks with a difference ! The box contains four cutters each in a different shape which are really simple to use and to get uniformly shaped canapés with bread, sliced, sliced cheese/meat, cucumber... 3 simpl steps : place, press, push and it is ready to serve ! Get the trick : Simply insert cocktail stick through center once cylinder is full and remove by pressing plunger. Made in France.

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  • Bottle labels for wine bottles

    Bottle labels for wine bottles

    By 24 or 100 the bottleneck labels for wine bottles are ideal for classifying all your wines. They are reusable.

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  • Stainless steel spoon straw

    Stainless steel spoon straw

    Enjoy cocktails and other drinks with style ! Ideal for Irish coffee, hot chocolate, iced coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, whipped cream….

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  • Stainless steel angled straw and cleaning brush

    Stainless steel angled straw and cleaning brush

    Made of high grae stainless steel, they are ideal dor everyday use and for entertaining. Make a switch to the stronger, longer lasting and more sustainable straw. The straws can be used for hot and cold drinks. The flexible wire brush fits perfectly inside to make it easy to give our straws a thorough scrub and get them ready for next time. You can also place them into your dishwasher.

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  • Cocktail muddler for Caïpirinha and Mojito

    Cocktail muddler for Caïpirinha and Mojito

    A must-have for everyday home-based mixologists, cocktails lovers and party givers ! The easiest way to muddle the flavours in a highball glass for creating the perfect mojito !

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  • Whisky cooloing stones

    Whisky cooloing stones

    To get the real taste of a whisky on the rocks, put the stones around 3 hours in the freezer before use. Put 2 to 4 stones in a glass, then pour whisky over. Leave to rest for few minutes. Drinks remain cool with no dilution.

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  • Champagne bottle opener "Hoopla"

    Champagne bottle opener "Hoopla"

    This innovative champagne bottle opener is not only a great eye-catcher; it also sits comfortably in your hand and elegantly solves an age-old problem: It prevents corks from popping into the air and causing damage. Hoopla is an essential oakwood accessory for the champagne connoisseur and a great gift for any occasion. Made in Germany.

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  • Champagne stopper

    Champagne stopper

    It's a good classic! This champagne cork in stainless steel and silicone is ideal to keep your champagne!

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  • Ice Tray Set

    Ice Tray Set

    Drinks should either be piping hot or ice cold – not somewhere in-between. In summertime, that means you will be using your ice tray every day – so it needs to do its job efficiently. The challenge was to design a tray that allows ice cubes to pop out really easily, either individually or altogether as you prefer. In the end the best solution was a large trumpet-shaped cavity with a matt finish that makes cold drinks as easy as can be. Easy to clean. Ice pops out very easy. Save place by stacking them on each other. Made in Sweden.

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  • Mazagran / Ice cream spoon

    Mazagran / Ice cream spoon

    These fine and long spoons are perfect for tasting glasses, mazagrans, cups high. They allow mixing cocktails at the time of preparation but also the presentation. Elegant and useful, they will be great for jam, spreads or ice creams to savor.

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  • Rainbow Cocktail

    Rainbow Cocktail

    With the Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool, anybody can create a perfectly layered cocktail at home ! This tool create a controlled slow pour that prevents liquids of different densities from mixing. The result is beautiful layers in a rainbow of colours. Instruction manual include.

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  • Popcorn cups XL x2 pieces 130 Oz

    Popcorn cups XL x2 pieces 130 Oz

    To eat popcorn as in the movies! Also exist x4 in 51 Oz.

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