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And while waiting for the novelties of Mars, discover the entire Rivsalt range in preview and exclusivity at Chevalier diffusion!
RIVSALT [grated salt] is a gastronomic experience and a new way to add flavor to foods.
Great gifts that we are sure to have a topic of conversation at any dinner.

RIVSALT : Rivsalt [grated salt] is a gastronomic experience and a new way of adding salt to food. Natural himalaya salt is grated
onto the dish with a stainless steel grater of highest quality. 
The salt and grater become centerpiece of the dining table when placed in the accompanying desk stand made from untreated
natural oak.



PEPPER : is the perfect companion to our range of salts products. Each PEPPER-set contains several aromatic long peppers from the indonesian island of java.

Rivsalt TOOTHPICK turns after-dinner teeth cleaning into an extravagant experience! Featuring an elegant
cluster of flowers from the toothpick plant (ammi visnaga) and a natural oak desk stand, it makes an attractive
- yet functional - addition to any table.

Recharges and other Grastronomic Experiences:

is the perfect companion to our new PEPPER product. Each PEPPER REFILL contains about
30g aromatic long peppers from the indonesian island of Java.

TASTE Jr is the perfect way to explore the tastes of different rock salts from around the world.
This special taster-pack consists of six gemstone-like salt rocks, each of which has its own distinctive taste
suited to different food types and dishes. Taste all the flavours and decide which are your favorites for use with
our large KITCHEN product or on the dining table with our original RIVSALT product.
kala namak salt – india, halit salt – pakistan, persian blue salt – iran, rose salt – bolivia, alpine salt – austria,
himalayan salt – pakistan.

BLUE is one of the rarest and most exclusive salts and is extracted from a salt mine in northern iran.
The intriguing blue color occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure
is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way creating an optical illusion
that makes the salt appear more or less shimmering blue.