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  • clothespin


    Unbreakable, indestructible and stainless! French made. Lifetime warranty against rust and breakage in normal use. Saving gestures: stay on the line all year long. Can be used in all climatic environments. Long-term economic purchase.

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  • Anti-heat glove / anti-slip

    Anti-heat glove / anti-slip

    The Silicone Match® Ovenglove mitt is manufactured using heat-resistant fibres and is covered with silicone anti-slip bumps. The Ovenglove is suitable in the kitchen, when barbecuing, and even foe replacing hot light bulbs. Benefits : Heat-resisant up to 260°C. The flexible, five fingers form guarantees optimum freedom of movement. The silicone anti-slip bumps on both sides ensure a better grip.

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  • Soap brush with detergent dispenser

    Soap brush with detergent dispenser

    With tank for dishwashing liquid. Designed for an effective grip. Press the pusher to release the liquid. Easy to fill. Capacity 5 cl Gentle with coated pans and pans A / A.

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  • Soap saver

    Soap saver

    No more softened soap! Non-slip silicone support with a raised portion in the middle and a notch. Thus, the air circulates freely around the soap and the water flows without difficulties.

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  • Anti-limestone for kettle

    Anti-limestone for kettle

    For electric and non-electric kettle. Prevents limescale build up without chemical products. Collect any lime scale as the water boils.

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  • Clips


    Smart and reliable! These clips are the perfect little tools to reseal food packaging and bags. They are a trendy alternative to ordinary rubber bands and prolong the shelf life of food significantly.

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  • Detachable make-up mirror

    Detachable make-up mirror

    Bosign´s detachable makeup mirror is based on an innovative magnet mount that makes the makeup mirror easy to both adjust and detach. With its x10 or x15 magnifying capacity and its ease of use, the makeup mirror is the perfect bathroom companion when it comes to applying makeup, trimming facial hair or putting in your contact lenses. Adjust the makeup mirror to the right angle and leave it mounted on the wall or bring the makeup mirror with you to another room in your home or when traveling.

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  • Cutelry tray "FlexiSPACE"

    Cutelry tray "FlexiSPACE"

    Excellent for organised storage of cutlery. The cutlery tray can be easily joined together with other FlexiSPACE trays to make the best use of space in the drawers of the kitchen unit. 12 Different storage. Ask for our catalog!

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  • Eco compost pail

    Eco compost pail

    With carbon filters to keep your kitchen odour free and a practical stainless steel handle to carry your pail to the compost heap. Made from eco-friendly biodegradable bamboo. The base is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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  • Spoon rest "Little bird Pot Pal"

    Spoon rest "Little bird Pot Pal"

    Stylish spoon rest and steam release gadget.

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  • Drying rack "Over the sink"

    Drying rack "Over the sink"

    Air dry dishes, glasses and more. Wash, prep and dry fruits veggies and more... Rolls up for easy storage.

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  • Bag for lunch isotherm "Keep calm, it's lunch time"

    Bag for lunch isotherm "Keep calm, it's lunch time"

    Elegant with its very contemporary design and a touch of humour, you will enjoy taking it with you to the office or on a walk. With its capacity of almost 4 litres (3,99125 L), it has the capacity to receive your meal. Food will be kept warm or cold for about 3 to 4 hours. Don't be deceived by its appearance: it's not paper... It is composed of Tyvek®* on the outside and EVA* on the inside. • Very lightweight • Very resistant, almost tear-proof • Isothermal • Waterproof • Do not keep odours • Recyclable • Non-toxic. Size with closed flap: 23 x 13,5 x ht 25 cm *Tyvek® is a non-woven fabric made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres with a thickness between 0.5 and 10 μm After extrusion, the fibres are randomly and non-directionally arranged and then consolidated without a binder under pressure by a thermal process. Very light (density of 0.38 g/cm³). *EVA, (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), is a plastic material close to the olefin family. This material provides very high lightness, flexibility and thermal insulation properties.

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