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  • Rice Cube

    Rice Cube

    Rice Cube makes sushi in seconds using just plain rice, no need to use sushi rice, vinegar and sugar so you're cutting down calories and less prep time. Rice Cube uses compression to form your favorite ingredients into a bit sized cube. Reduce the filling and you reduce the size for very quick and cool finger food bites. It's not just rice that you can cube. Polenta, potato, couscous, dates and apricots, biscuit bases, brownies, lentils and soft beans.... so many foods can be cubed as long as they are mashable just give it a try. Even children as young as 3 can use the Rice Cube to make sushi and tasty food cubes. Your Rice Cube is dishwasher safe, 100% foodsafe and approved to the highest standards to food safety testing. It's 100% recyclable too.

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  • Spice mill Spice Boy with integrated funnel

    Spice mill Spice Boy with integrated funnel

    Simple to use , adaptable and perfect for creating blends. With its bowl-shaped top, this super-smart, acrylic Spice Boy Mill with ceramic grinder makes it easy to grind condiments and dried spices and is really easy to fill. Combining the efficiency of a spice mill with the adaptability of a traditional, heavy mortar and pestle, it comes into its own for creating your own spice blends recipe by recipe. Adjustable gauge on the base to select the coarseness of grind. Designed by the award-winning Brit, Oliver Hemming. RedDot award winner. Awarded with ‘Best Product’ for New York’s Accent on Design.

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  • Wok "Be a wok star" School of Wok flat bottom non-stick

    Wok "Be a wok star" School of Wok flat bottom non-stick

    Dexam has teamed up with the charismatic Jeremy Pang from Covent Garden's School of Wok cookery school to create a wonderful collection of woks, accessories and kitchen textiles to enable enthusiasts to practise the art of Chinese cooking with excellence from the very start. Jeremy has imposed his exacting standards to make sure that everything does what it should do, in the very best way. For example the woks have comfortable bamboo handles and the range is suitable for use on all types of hob. This Wok is made from carbon steel with a non-stick coating and if it’s easy maintenance you're after a non-stick wok will serve you well. It is ideal for curries and stir frying and for making quick meals for 2 to 3. Diameter 12". This wok fits the School of Wok Wok Lid.

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  • Nutcracker Drosselmeyer

    Nutcracker Drosselmeyer

    This is the Rolls of the nutcracker! The Swedish nutcracker Drosselmeyer Design Group consists of a patented handle and a shell collector. It is considered as the best nutcracker available on the market. It is a quick, easy and clean way to crack walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds ... The flesh is not crushed and the shells are locked in the body of the nutcracker.

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  • Self Standing Butter knife "Knife Air"

    Self Standing Butter knife "Knife Air"

    The shape of the butter knife´s handle keeps the blade elevated when placed on a countertop or cutting board. The elevated blade adds convenience and minimizes the mess when using the butter knife. The butter knife comes in two solid materials: wood or stainless steel. And in two sizes, one larger butter knife and a smaller version. Butter knife with shape and function in perfect harmony During the design of Bosign´s butter knife one of the objectives were to integrate all the functionality in the natural shape of the butter knife. Nothing added. Just a shape and it’s inherent function. The result is a functional spreader knife with a clean shape. Ideal for spreading butter, jams, soft cheeses and dips.

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  • Stainless steel ham stand

    Stainless steel ham stand

    All stainless steel. Fixed and stable, it is the ideal medium for cutting thin and even slices on the entire surface of the ham. It is by mixing the different flavors that you will get the right fat / lean balance and fully enjoy the ham. Easy assembly. Instructions inside. Made in Spain.

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  • Egg cup with spoon "Doodledoo" rooster

    Egg cup with spoon "Doodledoo" rooster

    Perfect to start the day!

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  • Tomato peeler "Pollux"

    Tomato peeler "Pollux"

    Minimize waste with the Pollux tomato peeler designed especially for the job. Also great with kiwis, peaches, peppers.... or to mince onion and shallots. Ambidextrous. The peeler's serrated blades remove soft skins more easily than a general purpose peeler, and the pointed end of the peeler pulls out the hull more efficiently than a knife. It also allows you to peel front & backwards. Made in France.

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  • Jam pot tag

    Jam pot tag

    100 jam pot tags. Dispenser box. 5 models to discover...

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  • Jar opener

    Jar opener

    The World's Easiest Jar Opener - For Tall Lids! Patented and design awarded jar opener that fits preserving jars with tall lids. Fits lids with a height of 15 - 20 mm. The JarKey is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the lid can now easily be unscrewed. So handy that anyone can use it! The unique thing about the JarKey is the special three-point principle that ensures the vacuum to be released by a gentle lift without damaging the lid. After releasing the vacuum, the lid can easily be unscrewed.

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  • Bouquet garni tube infuser

    Bouquet garni tube infuser

    How to give flavor to your food, broths, soups or sauces without finding small pieces of thyme or other aromatic herbs to taste? Here is the bunched infuser! Based on the principle of the tea infuser, its small perforations will release all the flavors and will subtly raise all the dishes. Its cylindrical shape allows you to insert all your herbs, large ones too, without having to cut them. With its chain, you can hang it, and remove it easily, the edges of your pots or casseroles.

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  • Egg poaching bag

    Egg poaching bag

    Proper, water-immersed poached eggs have always been difficult to prepare, with unpredictable and inconsistent results. Until now… Egg-Poaching bags allow water to contact the egg, without the raw egg leaking into the water. After a few minutes your delicious poached egg slides out easily using no butter, no oil, and no vinegar.

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  • Scrubbing gloves for veggie "Skrub'a"

    Scrubbing gloves for veggie "Skrub'a"

    50% of vegetables vitamins are located near their skin and traditional peelers remove these nutrients essential to our good health. We will never caress enough!

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  • Zesty 4-in-1

    Zesty 4-in-1

    This 4-in-1 lemon zester/grater with cover is a fantastic kitchen tool for your citrus ! Featuring a zesting grate, a scoring blade, a peeler, and a scraper, you will be sure to add zesty enthusiasm to your cooking in no time! It is versatile to use with any citrus fruit including lemons, limes and oranges.

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  • Camembert box

    Camembert box

    The camembert box allows a hygienic conservation of the camembert. Once you have opened the camembert, place it in its box for better conservation in a cool place and thus also limit the odours! Place one side of the camembert against the fixed wedge and turn the movable wedge against the other side of the opening. The camembert will no longer sink.

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  • Conical pourer, with flappers, long with caps, very fine…

    Conical pourer, with flappers, long with caps, very fine…

    Equipped with an air tube for a regular flow, their conical shape allows them to fit most standard bottle necks (about 2 cm inside diameter). Stainless steel and cork and stainless steel and silicone are suitable for both oil and vinegar.

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