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  • Cookie stamp "Delicia", 6 little animals

    Cookie stamp "Delicia", 6 little animals

    Excellent for easily making decorated homemade cookies. The set contains the stamp, 6 original, easily replaceable patterns and a round cutter. The patterns are stored in the chamber of the stamp.

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  • Blini 7 cup Pan 27 cm non stick induction

    Blini 7 cup Pan 27 cm non stick induction

    7 indentation blinis frying pan. For all heat source including induction. Removable bakelite handles.

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  • Canele mould "Traditionnel" copper

    Canele mould "Traditionnel" copper

    Excellent distribution and diffusion of heat thanks to the tinned copper which composes it. The dough will gently caramelize, creating a crunchy crust.

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  • Bain-marie saucepan

    Bain-marie saucepan

    This clever double wall pot has an inner core that can be filled through the pourer with water (max. 30cl). The best way to heat creme angalise, hollandaise and delicate chocolate sauce without overcooking or bruning. Suitable for all hobs (incl. induction).

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  • Compostable cupcake moulds

    Compostable cupcake moulds

    More than a case, it is a proper mould : BAKE directly in it ! Bake them straight away on the oven grid or drip pan. Oven, microwave and freezer safe. Non-bleached and non-treated, this cupcake mould is natural an good for all the family. Don't bin it, compost it !

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  • Stainless steel and silicone Christmas cookie cutters

    Stainless steel and silicone Christmas cookie cutters

    Set of 3 Angel or Snowflake or Gingerbread or Fir, stainless steel and silicone cookie cutters. For unique and original pastries!

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  • Rectangular lift and serve feature non-stick pie

    Rectangular lift and serve feature non-stick pie

    This sturdy steel rectangular quiche pan is ideal for cooking up a delicious quiche Lorraine or a sweet strawberry tart for dessert. With a non-stick coating, this pan is easy to clean and with a loose base, you can easy lift the quiche from the pan without any hassle. Non-stick coating. PFOA free.

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  • Mould for chocolate pralines

    Mould for chocolate pralines

    CHOCO-ICE, made from food-grade platinum silicone, for the realisation of special ice cubes for your long drinks or for pralines or little pastries with a professional cake shop look. CHOCO-ICE trays come in different shapes, modern, minimal and elegant. -40°C to 230°C resistant safe. Oven, microwave, fridge and freezer safe.

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  • Whisk Wiper

    Whisk Wiper

    Whisking Made Easy : Wipe a whisk without frustration or mess ! Keep your counter clean. Save the recipe : don't let all that food go to waste. Wipe the bowl : it even gets corners. Bake more, clean less.

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  • Unicorn tin

    Unicorn tin

    Non-stick coating. PFOA free.

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  • Heathy bar press "Della Casa"

    Heathy bar press "Della Casa"

    For cereal bars cooked or not. Supplied with 25 sachets. Uncooked bars: walnuts with dates and honey, fruits with cashews, coffee with dates, chocolate with nuts, breakfast with oatmeal, breakfast, gluten-free, with flakes ... Cooked bars: Coconut fitness, FlapJack with honey ...

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  • Cake ring ajustable 18 to 30 cm

    Cake ring ajustable 18 to 30 cm

    Used by the great chefs, it is essential to make bavarois, desserts, strawberries, raspberries, cakes, operas, vacherins, sweet or salty mousses.

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