9 Kits to list: Cocktail, Oysters, Seafood, Wine, Veggie, Avocado, Cheese, Tea and Be green.All packaged in France in an ESAT.

 Necessary for COCKTAIL : Beginner or master in MIXOLOGY, find with this Kit a selection of essentials to create your cocktails with or without alcohol ***.

1 COCKTAIL MEASURE 2 & 4 cl (stainless steel), 1 CAÏPIRHINA/MOJITO COCKTAIL PESTLE (stainless steel and polyamide), 1 COCKTAIL SPOON (stainless steel), 4 STRAWS (18/8 stainless steel), 1 SPRAY BRUSH Special straw (18/8 stainless steel, PP).

Necessary for OYSTERS : Discover in this Kit the essential accessories to open and taste OYSTERS. Included, the CLIC'huîtres® wedge, awarded the Lépine competition in 1988.

1 CLIC’huîtres® WEDGE (PVC) Made in France, 1 OYSTER LANCET (beech, steel, stainless steel) Made in France, 6 OYSTER FORKS (polished stainless steel) Made in France, 1 LEMON JUICE EXTRACTOR (stainless steel).

 Necessary for SEAFOOD : Essential for all lovers of SEAFOOD, this kit offers you the essential accessories for a tasting according to the rules of the art!

1 SHELLFISH TONGS (cast aluminum), 2 SHELLFISH CURETTES (polished stainless steel) Made in France, 2 OYSTER SPOONS (polished stainless steel) Made in France, 4 WINKLE PICKERS (stainless steel) Made in France, 1 LEMON JUICE EXTRACTOR (stainless steel), 1 TUBE of 10 MAGIC WIPES (100% viscose).

 Necessary for WINE : Amateur of good WINE? This Kit offers you the essential accessories to open, serve and keep your best bottles!

1 LEMONADIER CORKSCREW (black lacquered stamped steel) Made in Spain, 1 WINE STOPPER (stainless steel, silicone), 1 ANTI-DRIP COLLAR (stainless steel, felt), 5 NECK LABELS (PVC) Made in France.

Necessary for VEGGIE : Carrots, potatoes, turnips, leeks, garlic… This Kit contains the essentials for preparing vegetables without moderation.

1 VEGETABLE BRUSH (beech, natural fibers) Made in Germany, 1 CASTOR RAZOR PEELER (stainless steel) and 1 PARING KNIFE (beech and stainless steel) Made in France, 1 GARLIC PRESS WITH ANTI-SLIP HANDLE (zamac and ABS), 1 STEEL SOAP (stainless)

 Necessary for AVOCADO : Gourmet and creamy, we can't resist AVOCADO... Discover in this Kit the essential accessories to prepare it as it should be!

2-IN-1 AVOCADO SLICER (stainless steel and PP), 1 MINI POTATO MASHER (stainless steel), 1 MARYSETTE SPATULA (thermoplastic, beech) and 1 CITRUS PRESS (beech) Made in Europe. 

Necessary for CHEESE : For dinner aperitifs, meals or exceptional TASTINGS, this kit offers you an assortment of accessories for all your desires.

16 CHEESE MARKERS (PVC) Made in France, 1 CAMEMBERT BOX (transparent acrylic) Made in France, 1 CHEESE FORK, 1 HARD CHEESE KNIFE and 1 BLUEBERRY CHEESE KNIFE (the 3 in stainless steel & beech ) and Made in Italy. 

Necessary for TEA : TEA lover? This irresistible kit is composed of the essential accessories to meet the demanding preparation of tea.

1 TEA MEASURING SPOON (stainless steel), 1 HONEY SPOON (beech), 1 TEA BAG SAUCER (ceramic), 1 LEMON SLICER (stainless steel). 

Necessary to BE GREEN : Don't wait any longer to adopt the GREEN-ATTITUDE! This kit offers you accessories to reduce your waste and adopt ecological gestures in the kitchen!

15 TUBES in CERAMIC ACTIVE EM© SPECIAL for WATER, FRUITS and VEGETABLES (clay micro-organisms) Made in Japan, 3 REUSABLE BULK BAGS "for the future" (100% cotton, S: 18x26cm, M: 23x30cm, L: 27x35, 5cm), 1 REUSABLE "busy bee" PACKAGING (cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, pine resin, 35.5x66cm).

***Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.Consume with moderation