Here we go again!

Dear Partners,

We sincerely hope that by the time you receive this message you and your loved ones are well.

The lockdown is coming to an end and we look forward to the reopening of the stores and to seeing you again.

In this very special context, we have been working, from day one, on the resumption of activity.

We are concentrating all our efforts to get through this unprecedented episode, at your side and in the best conditions.

First of all, we have put in place and are complying with barrier measures to ensure maximum safety for everyone.

Secondly, we are committed to boosting this recovery by offering you attractive offers, seasonal selections and new trends...

In the next few days, we will be announcing a few projects to boost sales!

Finally, we are all aware that transport is still uncertain, and that delivery times can be disrupted, nevertheless, we remain as flexible as possible to support you and minimize the effects. Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your needs and requests in this regard.

We are mobilized to respond to you as best we can today.

Thank you for giving priority to emails for a while longer... and  

Continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones,


 Ghislaine Chevalier

Manager Chevalier diffusion