THE ALTERNATIVE with stretch plastic film and aluminium: BEEWRAP Food packaging

Adapts to all kinds of containers and can wrap your sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, while letting the food breathe naturally and allowing its preservation.

DURABLE: Replaces plastic stretch film and aluminum foil. Washable and reusable for 1 year.

CERTIFIED: ECOCERT certified organic materials.

NATURAL: 100% natural and biodegradable composition:

Made in France: 90 km from Paris, 75% of the components are French: GOTS certified organic cotton, certified organic French sunflower oil, French beeswax or certified organic beeswax and certified organic Landes pine resin.

 BEEWRAP is made in France and is involved in the social inclusion of its region: Each sheet is folded and each batch is carefully packaged by a partner ESAT located 5 km from the production site.

 Winner of the 2019 SIRHA Innovation Grand Prix, GREEN special mention.

 Ref 98000/1 Reusable packaging 3 BEEWRAP sheets – S: 18 x 20 cm – M: 26 x 28 cm – L: 33 x 36 cm - Case