Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

The situation we face is complex and difficult.

Our country requires a great effort to make the Right to Health a Duty for all citizens today.

At Chevalier diffusion, we have always been guided and supported by values, thanks to which we are able, every day, to give our utmost :

Courage, benevolence, clarity and coherence to do well what we love so much.

Consistent with our values and responsibly to the requests of our Country, we inform you that Chevalier diffusion has decided to close from 18th March and until a date as yet unknown. We hope that this sacrifice will be our precious contribution to the protection of everyone’s health.

We are convinced that together we will find all the determination and strength necessary for recovery.

For any urgency, you can send an email to :

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 • Logistic Purchasing Department:

                                                                                   Chevalier diffusion Team